Leveraging Neurable’s Enten Headphone In Autism

The goal is for the EEG is to collect neurofeedback, and for the machine learning algorithm to provide the right treatment to manipulate the brain waves (through music, sounds, binaural beats, etc.) to the optimal state to reduce ASD symptoms.

Let’s build our foundation

Understanding the Parts of the Brain 🧠

Courtesy of Britannica

Understanding Brain Waves and EEG’s

Diagram of a neuron — Courtesy of ReseachGate

Understanding Autism

  1. Communication and social interaction difficulty:

Understanding the Connections Between Autism and Brain Waves

The Concept ⚙️

Aspect 1: Collecting EEG Data

Aspect 2: Machine Learning — Deep Learning

  1. Are the brain waves ideal/optimal?
  2. If the brain waves are not optimal, what audible treatment would bring them into the optimal threshold?

Quick Recap

  1. The EEG has measured the brain waves 🧠
  2. The AI has decided if the brain waves are optimal or not optimal
  3. The AI has assigned an audible treatment to bring the brain waves to an ideal threshold

Audible Treatment 👂

It’s not as perfect as it sounds…

  1. Figuring out how to target the specific parts of the brain that require increased or decreased brain wave frequencies.
  2. Determining the effectiveness of this treatment. Because autism has many causes, it is unclear whether or not manipulaitng the brain waves will have a significant positive effect. It is being researched how those with autism may have changes in the physcial structure of their brain. Therefore, an audible treatment won’t be effective in solving the root problem.

In conclusion…





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Nancy Shnoudeh

Nancy Shnoudeh

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